Bible Characters Raised from the Dead

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Easter is the Christian holiday that celebrates the Resurrection, the day that Jesus was raised from the dead. Many people have heard the story about how Jesus died and rose again. However, many people do not know that the Bible tells about several other people who were raised from the dead. A list of them follows.

Widow of Zarephath's son

(I Ki 17:17-24) raised by Elijah
Elijah was a great prophet. He was sent by God to the widow of Zarephath. Elijah told the widow, who was running out of flour and oil, that God would provide for her and her son. God miraculously replenished the flour and oil in her containers so she could provide for herself, her son and Elijah. But then her son got sick and died. Elijah went up to the boy's room in the loft. He laid himself over the boy's body three times and then prayed that God would allow the boy's soul to come back into him. The boy was raised from the dead.

Shunamite's son

(II Ki 4:20-37) raised by Elisha
Elisha stayed in Shunem with a woman and her husband whenever he passed through their town. In fact, the couple built an extra room in their house for Elisha to use. Elisha wanted to give the woman something for her hospitality. He promised she would have a son in a year's time. She did have a son, but when the son was boy he was harvesting with his father. He got a terrible headache so the dad sent him home. The mother held the boy in her arms, but he died. The woman put the boy on Elisha's bed and went to get Elisha. When Elisha arrived he prayed, he laid himself over the boy's body, and he paced back and forth in the house. The boy came back to life.

Man tossed into Elisha's tomb

(II Ki 13:21) raised by God's Spirit
People were about to bury a man, but when they saw a band of raiders coming, they simply threw the dead man's body into Elisha's tomb. The Bible says when the corpse touched Elisha's bones that he revived.

Widow of Nain's son

(Lk 7:11-16) raised by Jesus
Jesus stopped a funeral procession as they were carrying the casket to the cemetery. Jesus had compassion on the weeping mother. He told her to stop crying, and then he raised her son from the dead.

Synagogue ruler Jairus' 12-year-old daughter

(Mk 5:35-43) raised by Jesus
Jairus asked Jesus to come heal his dying daughter. By the time Jesus arrived she had already died. Jesus sent the mourners out, but took the girls' parents and Peter, James and John into the room where the dead girl lay. He said, "Little girl, get up." She did.


(Jn 11:1-44) raised by Jesus
Lazarus had been in the grave four days when Jesus approached his tomb. Jesus asked the people to take away the stone. Then Jesus called out, "Lazarus, come forth." Lazarus came out, still wrapped in the strips of cloth. People had to help him out of them.

Tabitha also known as Dorcas

(Acts 9:36-41) raised by Peter
Tabitha was a seamstress who did many good deeds. She got sick and died. Since Peter was in a nearby town they asked him to come. Peter had everyone leave the room where Tabitha lay. He knelt down and prayed and then he said to the body, "Tabitha, arise." She opened her eyes and then sat up.


(Acts 20:7-12) raised by Paul
Late one night Paul was speaking to a group of believers. A young man was sitting in the window listening. He fell asleep and fell from the third story to his death. Paul ran down, laid himself over the body and then embraced him. He told everyone the boy was OK, and he was.

Men raised upon Jesus' death

(Mt 27:51-53) raised by God
When Jesus died there was a violent earthquake and the veil in the temple was torn from top to bottom. The Bible says tombs were opened and many bodies of saints arose from the dead. It says that after Jesus' resurrection they went into Jerusalem where many people witnessed their return to life.

Written in 2008 by Lauretta Marigny

A few readers have notified me about other people in the Bible who may have been raised from the dead:

#1. Some people speculate that the young man in Mk 14:51-52 was a person raised from the dead.
#2. Because he could not have survived the stomach of the fish, Jonah died and was raised again.
#3. Paul, could have died and been raised again when he was stoned in Acts 14:19. The Bible says the people who stoned him thought he was dead.